The Great Escape Finale!

Finally here is #MateuszSkudnik's "The Great House Escape"! #RoomEscape #PointAndClick #PastelGames
 Here is the grand final to Matt's "Great Escape Series"-The root which connects all rooms into one. Namely "The Great House Escape". An animated point-and-click adventure unlike you've ever seen before!

 After blowing out the trap-door leading to the Attic, you don't feel so stupid after-all. Now it's all becoming clearer. You weren't coming home from work. As a matter of fact, you don't even live here!

 In that ancient abode just down the street, where legends tell of a portal or gateway connecting the living with the dead, mischievous spirits have been known to haunt the premises. Many who've tried to reside there, wound-up packing and leaving in the middle of the night. Now the place lays desolate and in disrepair.

 A little game of Truth Or Dare has left your friends double-dogging you to walk in that house. So on you trot, getting ever closer to that haunted mansion, piercing your soul with a cold dead stare.

 Walking up the rotten front yard, the light from the kitchen was still on. "Maybe someone still lives here"? "Either that or General Electric has forgotten to turn out the lights"? And so you muster what courage is left and try to sneak in the back door. Which gives a slow, shuttering, termite-infested crackling noise. Revealing a cremated, beat-up, dusty kitchen straight out of the 50's!

 Suddenly, the door gives a terrifying slam! An entity laughs you to scorn, feeding off your very fears. The room transforms into it's pristine glory. An Amnesic pseudo memory overtakes you. Leading you to believe your a dweeb. Living a different life in an alternate reality.

 At least that's how it appears. Now you must play Ghostbusters to harness these ghosts(each spirit represents a previous room you've already escaped from) and give them to this old Zen lady(a friendly spirit) who will release them from this spiritual prison. That in turn, will allow you to finally escape the house and tell the tale. But don't expect anyone to believe you.

Here's a Walkthrough!

Now play The Great House Escape!

This is all part of The Great House Escape series!


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