Saint Patrick's Day Polygone Game

Here is a traditional #Irish game geared toward #SaintPatricksDay. #Polygone
  From the creators of Sumgine comes an online game geared toward the green season dubbed "PolyGone: St Patrick's Day!"

 Take a close look at each picture and look for anything that is out of joint. Point-and-click each blemish to rearrange the polygone in the right position. The tricky part is they are very transparent. So do keep a keen eye out for those buggers.

 There are ten pictures in all. You must finish each one in the time allotted you. Clicking randomly will only make time vanish into thin air. However, getting the puzzle right slows the wrist watch up just a bit. At the end, you'll hopefully obtain a big chunk of score with your name on it. Oh and one other thing, Top of the mornin' to ya.

Polygon St. Patricks Day Review

 There's neither much to praise nor criticize. Yet those graphics do have a digital look and feel to them. Since there is no other Saint Patrick's Day flash game out there(at this time of writing), I just thought I'd review and discuss this game with you. If your one to get into the green spirit, tonight's your lucky night my friend.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play St. Patrick's Day PolyGone!


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