Arcane The Stone Circles 3

A snapshot from episode 3 of #Arcane: The Stone Circle! #Interactive Narrative #PointAndClick After making startling discoveries among the docks of the Thomas, Prescott endeavors to sneak aboard the Elder Star ship to find out what these guys are really up to. What he sees is a wake-up call. These cult fanatics truly did murder this mysterious women and will do the same to anyone who stands in their way to awaken the Ancient Segas.

 You must above all else remain under the radar and obtain their sacred manuscript and journal. This will be accomplished by subverting their attention and even overthrowing a few members overboard. As with previous editions, the mouse will be your only controlling device. Should you ever get caught, they'll cast you into the realm of the uncreated.

If you just got here from Google, I'd encourage you to check out all 8 episodes from this post-"Arcane The Series".

If you ever get stuck, here's a Walkthrough to get you through!

Play Arcane: The Stone Circle 3!

Note: Due to my personal convictions, I wish to stress that this in no way endorses a belief in the occult!


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