Arcane The Stone Circle 5

A disturbing scene from the fifth installment to #Arcane season 2 by #Sarbakan. As Prescott and his daughter went on board the 636, Dr. MacDermoth opted to visit his long-time friend Ebeneser Smith. "Maybe he knows something about this decapitated hand buried under the stage where my daughter played." So on he went to engage in pleasant conversation.

 Immediately, Mr. Smiths eyes lit up in amazement mixed with terror. He went to his dungeon to try and connect it to a disembodied arm found while searching the whole world for rare antics. As a result of the reunion with hand and arm, Dr. Smile was struck by a severe plague. Yet before he retired for the evening, Ebeneezer pointed him to an ancient analog confirming who these body parts belong to.

Once upon a time,

There was an ancient creature who drew her nourishment from the stars of the heavens. With an insatiable thirst for blood-Both human and beast alike. There wasn't found one who could conquer or even subdue this beast. For he was of supernatural origin and only one with super human strength could smash her with an iron fist.

Yet one day a pure-blooded noble prince from the palace of England discovered a double-edged sword more powerful then anything witnessed on the face of this Earth. Since this mans heart was clean, the sword would only budge for him.

That same day the noble and his steed challenged the great beat to another fight. Thinking she was gonna gorge herself another meal, she thrusted her razor-sharp jaws, ready to gulp him down her scaly throat. Until that spear penetrated deep within her bowels. Her ugly days of tyranny were over!

Hastily, the king promoted him as prime minister. A rank only superseded by the king and queen themselves. Meanwhile, the creatures heart was still pumping. So she was decapitated with five of her members being buried with in the four corners of the Kingdom of Britain. Least she wake again to terrorize the living once more.

 You must solve this puzzle and find out why your friend has just been struck by a plaque. Will the same fate happen to you? Find out below.

To Be Continued...

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And here is a Walkthrough just in case you ever get stuck.

Play Arcane: The Stone Circle 5!

Note: Due to my personal convictions, I wish to stress that this in no way endorses a belief in the occult!


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