The Pharaohs Tomb

Dare to venture into Pharaohs Tomb and steal his treasure! #AdventureGames #PlatformingGames #FlashGames
 You are on a quest for gold my friend. And where else but the land of Egypt. In the northern Sahara.

 Boldly, you set your sights on Pharaohs tomb. Hoping to strike it rich. But before you get exited, There's something I gotta tell you.

 Mysterious things have happened to those hardy men who've gone down the same path as you. Some have been bitten by snakes on the walls. Others have broken out in boils. Even vanished without a trace! But those who've managed to escape never come out as the same person.

 Some attribute it to the curse. "The Pharaoh" so it is said "will avenge anyone whomsoever lays a hand on his tomb". But come on. I'm sure you don't believe in that nonsense. So on you go. Ready to dig up for an early retirement. Something inside you insists you should heed these warnings. Then again, your not much for superstition, Are You?

Review of The Pharaoh's Tomb

 The background tune and execution instills a very charming and mystical disposition within you. Enthralling you with that cool dry sensation often found deep within desert crags of the Middle East. A place of refuge from the baking hot sun(and who said a dry heat has no value). The sound effects are just as reverent-inducing. Especially when those mommy's growl for their daddy's. I had a little difficulty controlling this tub(who doesn't no his left from his right). Plus his health meter at times runs out too fast. Putting those two blunders aside, I thing you'll really enjoy this adventure game!

Ratings: 4.97 stars!

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