Pac-Man Platformer

Join #Pacman as he breaks free from the pipes into the real world in #Pacman Platformer! #Platformer #AdventureGames
 Not satisfied with his lot in life, Pac-Man breaks free to venture into a world of the unknown! Full of adventure and excitement! Gone are the days of being stalked by ghosts in a maze for twenty years.

 After learning of his escape, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde all hurdle up together and devise a little cunning scheme. "If us four cannot find him, then we'll have to clone ourselves" they reasoned. So to the laboratory they went.

 Clyde(named stupid in Japan) begs to help out in some way as the three brainiacs tell him to scram. So Clyde pushes some random button only to have 1 million Blinky's, Inky's, Pinky's, and Clyde's saturate their den. The four original ghosts lead them all to a brave new world of 64-bits.

 Immediately they populated the new platforms, leaving Pac Man homesick for the good old days. But as time marched on, this big mouth realized they were just clones and don't even classify as real ghosts. So as as brickhead from the Fantastic 4 used to say "it's clobberin time"!

Pac Man Platformer Review

  The background music is nothing special(with the exception of a few borrowed tunes from Zelda and Mario). Luckily, they do retain some of those signature sound-effects you remember as a kid. Instead of farting around a maze filled with ghosts from the pit, Pac-Man is free to bounce around on 64-bit platforms filled with adventure and more pills to swallow! There are even two minigames to choose(TAOP[or Pac-Man in Hyrule Field] and a 2-player game named PacArena). I am thoroughly impressed with what they did to Pac-Man! Very unique and original!

P.S. So what happened to that old maze Pac-Man used to call home. Find out on my next post "Mario Pacman"!

Rating 5 Stars!

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