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Here is #mario #Pacman where the #Phirana have invaded the pipes from the #Mushroom #Kingdom! #MarioGames
 After Pac-Man's lair was abandoned for good, a few piranhas from Mario Land found a new nest to lay their eggs. Nestled deep within the pipes where Mario often teleports between worlds.Well it so happens that when you have a gap between Universes, a portal unto a third dimension occasionally opens up out of nowhere. It so happened that opening led to non other then Pac-Man's home.

 As it so happened, Mario and the gang decided to take a stroll way out into the lush forest. As they were walking, the Princess came across a beautiful scenic view complete with a pipe to block out the sun. Out came the blanket and food and Off came her shoes.  With fresh mountain breezes, you couldn't ask for a better day to picnic.

 Without warning, Toad vanishes without a trace! First Peach screams then gives Mario the look. "well, don't expect me to go in there!" So Mario runs headstrong into the pipe gowning "mama meah"! His brother Luigi runs in after him. While the Princess shrivels in fear. Cautiously slipping back on her high heels.

 The Piranhas then spit Toad out into the pen(where those four ghosts used to recuperate from Pac-Man's blows)  I guess he didn't agree with their stomachs. In order to save Mushroomhead, you must complete 256 levels of mazes filled with these critters.

 Collect all the coins(a.k.a. pills) within the maze-pipes to advance to the next course. grab an occasional star to briefly attain invulnerability. Watch for an occasional mushroom or two to boost your high score.
Good Luck(and did I mention Mario and Peach just got married)!

Mario Bros In Pipe Panic(Mario Pac-Man) Review

 The music and sound effects are a wonderful ab mixture of Mario Bros and Pac-Man intermingled to give you an altogether unique experience. With piranha heads stalking your every move while you gobble up 100 coins  a grab an occasional star or mushroom. This will most certainly give flashbacks to these boys in over-alls. Back when they were actually plumbers. I wonders who's next to imitate Pac-Man? Sonic The Hedgehog?

P.S. If you want to know why Pac-Man packed his bags and left, read up on my previous post "Pac-Man Platformer"!

Rating: 5 Stars!

Play Super Mario Pac-Man!


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