Super Mario Brothers 2

Here is the American version of #SuperMarioBrothers! #MarioBros #Mario
 Mario discovers a whole new world to explore. With enchanting adventure and breath-taking wonder. But with those thrills come new challenges. Armed with only a suitcase and some fruit, they must together journey through new lands and caves full of hideous snakes, land stars, and shy guys. So after finding some clues, they find out Bowser's cousin Frogger is the culprit behind all this.

 But after defeating him, pore Mario needs a vacation on top of this one(After all, this one nearly wiped him out)Yet cozily snuggled within his SUV bedroom, Mario lays his weary head to rest knowing he did a job well done.

 Meanwhile back in Mario Land, Bowser decides to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. He kidnaps Peach right in front of Mario(showing off his new facelift).

Super Mario Brothers Review

 Like part one I am thoroughly impressed by the graphics, animation, and feel the online version has to it's cartridge counterpart. My only pet-peeve would be the inability to save data. But out of all the JavaScript renditions floating around, the VNES(Virtual Nintendo Entertainment System) has got to be the #1 emulator!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Now let's play Super Mario Brothers 2!

P.S. Watch someone play the regular and Super Nintendo editions below.

NES Version

SNES Version

P.P.S. Use Arrows to move. X to jump. And Z + Arrows to run.

P.P.P.S. Now for the final, here's Super Mario Brothers Three! If you missed it, here's my review of Super Mario Brothers!


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