Super Mario Bros

#SuperMarioBrothers was a hot ticket of the 80's! #VideoGames #Nintendo
 Let's go back to 1985 shall we. When Mario was just tight on over-alls made out of a few pixels. Back when "The Power of Love" made #1 on the curtails of "Back To The Future". Because of this new revolutionary game, Nintendo(formerly a third-party contractor) got the big break they were hoping for over 100 years(literally). Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you'll all been waiting for(drumrolls please)...

Super Mario Brothers

 As you'll remember, Bowser looked more like a miniature god-zilla throwing nuts and bolts over himself. Every time he'd fall for the same trap. But not before disguising his abductee as Peach seven times before harboring the real princess. Then after saving her, she's willing to do it all over again on a tougher match! Gees, the things we do for love.

Left and Right Arrows = Moving
Hold Z while pressing the Right or Left Arrows = running
A = Jumping

Super Mario Brothers Review(Online Edition)

 From the pictures, sound and 8-bit quality(you've grown fond of), all of it is delivered free with a click of a mouse courtesy of Nintendo Emulator and VNES(Virtual Nintendo Entertainment System). out of all those sloppy JavaScript attempts in the past, this my friend surpasses them all!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Super Mario Brothers!

Super Mario Brothers Video

By the way, check it out in action below...

Watch Super Mario In Lego Land

My next review will be Super Mario Brothers 2!


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