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See If you can beat your political opponent in Campaign the Game! #ElectionGames #ElectionDayGames #CampaignGames McCain and Obama are fighting neck n neck for capital hill. Choose which side you'd rather be on and use every trick in the book to surge your popularity while crushing your opponent(or hire a few folks to do the dirty work for you). Don't like either of 'em? I feel for ya.

 Yet it's just plain fun old to poke at the politicians. Since they squander a good chunk of our *cough*taxpayer dollars*cough*  campaigning, might as well give us a good show while their at it.;)

Campaign Review

 The theme music does get you into the election day spirit. Especially when you get your chance to throw mud balls at Obama and even slapping McCain across the face, you'll really have a ball dominating the scene throwing smear campaigns aimed at your opponent. If your getting tired of hearing about the elections, a little humor wouldn't hurt.

Sadly, this game is now defunkt! :(

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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Campaign Game

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