Which Video Game Conglomerate Is #1?

I review every #VideoGameConsole frome #Nintendo, Sega, #Atari, to even #PlayStaysion!
 Right now I own a Nintendo 64, GameCube, and a PlayStation 2. At one time I possessed My Beloved NES. But that has since broken down.

 Over my cousins, I've played Sega Genesis. But currently never touched a Microsoft Xbox(Except maybe at Best Buy).

Thus, I list them according to appeal


 Offering the choicest selections from Mario, Zelda, Megaman, Banjo, you name it! I definably like their Nintendo Revolution system. Wii is the first of it's kind! Letting players flex those muscles all over. Gameboy and Nintendo DS pamper the tradition of traditional 2-D gameplay. You know, the good ol' days of 8 and 16 bit Nintendo. They even have 3D platformers!


 Because of Sonic The Hedgehog and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, I'd say this goes right behind Nintendo! Even their fighter games had something of an appeal(for one who's not much in to those games, that's a compliment

Sony PlayStation

 I would've gave this a #4. But the ability to play DVD's and their availability from blockbuster films(now just Netflix/Redbox) forced me to reconsider. But PlayStation Three only plays blue ray discs. Most other Sony games are just not in my taste. Not even their PSP.

Microsoft Xbox 

 Like PlayStation, Xbox and Xbox 360 just doesn't do it for me. Although the graphics are pretty cool. Maybe Bill Gates should stick to Windows.

 To be fair, I left out Atari. Since I've never laid my eyes on one.


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