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 Listed by category below are the online games I have reviewed thus far. One thing I strive for is to keep this blog rated PG. Feel free to browse my archives.

Adventure and Platforming Games-Find any and all types of adventure games, platforming games, and action games. If you prefer to roam around in a flash game(with the arrow/WASD keys), this section is for you.

Classic Games and Renditions-Let a surge of nostalgia run through your vains as I guide you through many old-time favorites from the 70's, 80's, and 90's.

Escape-The-Room Games-Love the idea of locking yourself in a room? Do you enjoy being kidnapped? If so, let me show you some awesome room-escape flicks!

Point-and-Click Games-If you'd rather use your beloved mouse to play and figure things out, check out these point-and-click games.

Puzzle-Solvers-Are you into trivia? Does your mouth water over solving a riddle? Well, knock yourselves out! These aren't just puzzles in the traditional sense. But anything to do with problem-solving.

Sports Games-For all you who like to play sports online. I've got monster trucks, racing, and even the Superbowl for ya to check out!

First-Person Shooters-Here you will find only clean-cut first-person action shooters. No filth nor garbage-Promise.

Christmas Games-If your in the spirit of Christmas and are looking for a good series of games based on the worlds famous holiday, then look no further.

Halloween Games-Ever get in the urge to just scare yourself on a beautiful yet windy Autumn day? Well, grab a few Butterfingers and Reese Pieces and come play some good old-fashioned Halloween games!

Winter Games-This is for the folks who happen to enjoy the cold and snow deep in the heart of Winter.

RPG-This one's for all you lovers of everything Role-Playing-Games!

Musical Games-Hear is a list of flash games within the music genera.

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