Papa Louie Sushiria

Here is #PapaLouies Sushiria a #FliplineStudio #TimeManagementGame.

 You just won a free tour through Papa Louies Sushiria! What's more? You get a free sushie roll with a bubble tea of your choice! Just drop on by anytime before June 30th, 201 to redeem your free meal.

Sincerly, Papa Louie

 So off you go to his new restaurant in town. Everything goes smoothly. The old man gives you a thorough tour of the whole joint. You were even looking forward to a nice susie roll. Until smash!

 Being the cluts that you are, you broke his fat cat statue. You would do anything to make it up to him. So he offers you the keys to his sushiria. Now to make up the cash, you must run his restaurant squicky clean without any complaints.

 Although I'm not much for sea food, I was impressed with this one. I feel it measures up quite nicely with Papa Louies previous installments. So all in all, I give sushiria 5 thumbs up from Online Game Lounge!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Papa Louie Sushiria!


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