Penguin Adventure Trio

Come help mamma #Penguin rescue her little ones in this #PlatformAdventure Penguin Adventure! #WinterFlashGames #PlatformingGames
 From the heart of January through the middle of July, Antarctia remains frozen while you bake in the Summer sun! Temperatures rarely get out of the negative oughts even in the heart of Summer!

Now it's the dead of Winter and a penguin has been robbed of her Chicks! a titalwave of snow has swept them from her loving grasp. You must retrieve each one upon every couse while collecting frozen fish along the way. Beware of Polar bears, Sea Lions, and Do Do's along the way. They can be quite vicious. You must save all penguins before embarking on the next level.

 Part on is simple and quite straight forward. Use the Arrow Keys to manuver and jump whie the Spacebar is for shooting snowballs. Part 2 and 3 is a bit more comlicated. Hit WAD move and jump. Strike the JK(or S)L Keys to kick, throw snowballs, and eject bombs. In part two and three your just your just in it for the adventure-defeating your nemesis.

 I thought part one was alright though a bit oversimplified if that makes sense. The second and third adventure I felt was much more welldone though the controls take awhile to get used to. There's a lot more levels to explore as opposed to part one's measly 10 levels. Even the more shows some maturity. All in all Slungo did a faily great job developing a trio of Winter platforming adventures I'm happy to give 4 stars to!

 Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Penguin Adventure 1!

Play Penguin Adventure 2!

Play Penguin Adventure 3!


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