Father's Day Slacking

Help Sara secretly creating something special for her father for #FathersDay! #FlashGames #OnlineGames
 And now here's a holiday set apart for the daddies. Father's Day as we know it was founded by the same lady who campaigned for a day to honor all the mommies of the land. But did you know Father's Day originally had a religious overtone?

 Back to around 1500, the Catholic Church dubbed March 19th as a day to honor Joseph, Jesus's Earthly father. Eventually this occasion was used to honor all paternal relationships.

 Anyhow, here's a flash game geared toward the holiday by #SlackingGames! Sara hates fishing. But since it's Father's Day, she ops to join her father on a fishing trip. You must secretly bide your time with five tasks-including making a card for her papa!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Father's Day Slacking!


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