Papa's Bakeria

Here is a new #PapaLouie #TimeManagement game by #FliplineStudios!
 All her life she wanted to become a dancer. Ever since three, Cindy badgered mom to take her to a dancing school. After high school the fledgling joined a dancing club then graduated from a dancing academy. 

 In the ads wanted section she found some dancing studio needed someone to perform on weekends at their broadway spectacle. "This is it"! she exclaimed. "My moment to shine. To be noticed". The young lady called and immediately got an appointment-an interview. But when she arrived, the joint was in shambles in an upscale Galleria. 

 She was in tears. All her hopes and dreams dashed into pieces. However, Papa Louie comforted young Cindy with a reputable reference to an acclaimed studio. But only if she worked her way through his brand new Bakeria in this four story regional mall. 

 So now you must work full time as a waitress in his pie shop on the first floor. Like all his other shops, you must take orders, build, bake, and decorate these sweet pies to their liking. You will be graded on how well you perform in each station. So serve em well and see that tip jar blossom!

 Flipline has once again delivered a sweet addition to their already expanding repertoire of restaurants. I love how this hons your attention-to-detail and  time-management skills. Clearly another winner as far as I'm concerned!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Papa Louie's Bakeria!


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