Loved Monsters

Here is a cute #ValentinesGame by #Kids10 called #LovedMonsters! #StrategyGames #FlashGames
 Everyone knows about those pesky love bugs. How they migrate in late Spring and Summer. But have you heard of the Love Monster?

 You see, most grotesque creatures are mean and scary. But not these love birds. Just like there are love bugs among insects, so there are love monsters. These brutes grow to be 15 feet tall and coddle for up to 30 days. During mating season they cannot survive apart from each other. And that's where you come in.

 Within each level, you must get humpty dumpty(the Mr.) from point A to point B(the Mrs.). While you're at it, be sure to collect up to three hearts for added points. There are 29 levels in all(30 if you collect every heart in each one). Good luck and may Cupid smile upon you!

 I thought the game was well-executed with high-definition graphics and superb computer animation. Music was pretty good(though a mute button is provided). All in all, I felt this was worth my 5 minutes! In case you get stuck, a walkthrough is provided in game(if that doesn't work then Click Here).

Now go ahead and play Loved Monsters!


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