Cemetery Escape

You must find Mark Smith and get out of this creepy cemetery! #Halloween #Halloween #HorrorGames
 You've just purchased an acre of land. the Realtor seemed a bit nervous and shaky about the whole thing. He didn't get any sleep last night. Or so he claims. Not thinking much of it, you proceed with the sale.

 But one dark and foggy night after investigating the land, you find yourself kidnapped by the restless spirits who roam these grounds(of course your real estate agent tried to keep that hideous fact to himself).

 Now you must find a way to free these departed souls and escape this cheap piece of property. Have a mouse in hand to store items in your inventory. And as always there are clues to unravel and piece together. And after you escape, go ahead and show that agent who's boss!

 Again feel this gem is too short and needs a good extension. However, the sound-tracking and visual more then make up for the erupt ending. Difficulty is not too bad though. But all in all, an excellent addition to your pumpkin coffee break.;)

Here's a Walkthrough!

Play Cemetery Escape!


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