The Outsider

Help this guy come to grips with his past in this dark #SpookyGame The Outsider! #HalloweenGames
 Where am I? Who or what brought me to this forsaken place? Upon awakening, I find myself laying within a dark gloomy forest with a Gothic castle stenciled in the background. I quickly dust myself off and embark on a quest to get to the bottom of this aching mystery. Upon the billowing shadows of eve, a voice beckons me to intrude the dark lair of this spine-tingling dungeon!

 I can not recollect a single episode prier to my arousal. Yet a deep sense of remorse and dread presses hard upon my chest. It's almost as if I or somebody has committed an unspeakable deed. But I don't remember much of my childhood! Perhaps this is all just a bad dream. I'll soon awaken with a shroud upon my face with a wife and two angels sent to me from above to greet me in the morning...Or this could be real. A suppressed memory I've long since buried within the recesses of my subconscience.

And so I fasten myself, determined to seek answers to this perplexing dilemma. Not knowing what awaits me. I have a feeling this will not turn out the way I'd hoped.

Here's a Walkthrough!

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