Brunhilda's Hut

A nocturnal sleepwalker winds up in a witch's lair. Now you must help him escape! #Halloween #HalloweenGames #PointAndClick
 You've all heard of Mr. Snoozleburg right? well like him, this fella get's entangled in a lot of places. But tonight he's now tread down some murkier waters right into a witch's lair!

 Introducing A Sleepwalker's Troubles-Brunhida's Hut! A Halloweenesque point-and-click flash game brought to you by Aljosa Palor.

 Apparently, this kid's sleepwalking spells has landed him within the snares of an old hags hideout tonight. I wouldn't even doubt if Brunhilda orchestrated this whole thing herself. But whatever the cause, he sure is in a bit of a ruckus! Any minute and she should be home from broom-sticking the skies.

 Won't you help this poor fella escape unscathed? Go and search for magical trinkets. Place them in your inventory and combine them to create more tools. Read the incantations, stir up a cauldron, make a potion, do whatever you need to accomplish in order to get out of this forsaken hut!

 For those in the Halloween spirit, do I have a treat for you! With festive background music and a fun-filled engaging atmosphere, Brunhilda's Hut will surely get you in the mood for spooks. My only objection would be a suggestive word used at the introduction of the game. Otherwise, very charming! Not to easy, not too hard.

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Play Brunhilda's Hut!


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