Bob The Robber

Help this bandit steal as much money possible without getting caught. #FlashGames #OnlineGames #PlatformGames #StrategyGames
 Just how does a typical flick go? A man endeavors to steal some dough. First succeeds and then ends up mucked by the good guys. In the end, justice always triumphed over banditry.

 But not so with Bob! For he has Pleonexia written all over him! From the moment of exiting his mother's womb, he aspired to hoarding filthy lucre-evilly conniving strategic plans to plunder the halls of Capitol Hill.

 You must fill Bob's shoes as he aims to be America's most wanted. But first we must start from ground zero. Progressing from your next door neighbors to a Las Vegas casino. Each habitat contains secure treasure. There are codes to break, locks to loosen-up, and extra dough to accumulate along the way.

 Be on the lookout for guards and surveillance. Weather they be in the form of dogs, mutants, or sumptuous capitalists. If they catch you 5 times, you'll be thrown in jail. Your best bet is to become one with the shadow.

 Although it can be a bit challenging, I find Bob the Robber rather engaging. From the charming background tunes to 2D graphics, this will keep you busy over that cup of coffee during break.

ratings: 4.9 Stars!

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