Toy Store Escape

You must escape this toy store before #ChristmasDay! #RoomEscape #ChristmasGames #FlashGames #PointAndClick
 Pink Rando is the hot ticket this Holiday Season! Like Turboman and Tickle Me Elmo, you wouldn't even dare neglect to insert this trinket under the Christmas tree! So to please your only child, you head straight for the toy store. But there's only one problem. Like Arnold the Governator, You've waited until the very last minute to do your Holiday shopping.

 It's now Christmas Eve and after battling for the last Pink Rando on the block, your left with nothing but frustration and dejection. What will your little pride and joy think of you now?! You promised everything in the world to get her a Rando doll for Christmas! But lo and behold! When all seemed lost, The last one is encased within a department store, right in front of your eyes!

 "The store will be closing in 2 minutes" says the clerk. And so you hide in the back storage room until every last soul vacates the premises. You've never stolen anything in your life. But there is a first for everything. Right?

 Luckily, the lady accidentally dropped her key within the train-set display while she closed up her station and headed home. However, you can't reach it. You must find a way to retrieve that key, grab a hold of that doll, and get the heck outta there or else they'll be no Christmas! Or worse. You'll be locked behind bars on Boxing Day!

Toy Store Escape Review

 Just another average room-escape from Addicting Games. Where you must use the mouse and cursor to retrieve various items and connect the dots. At least this one has somewhat of a back story.

Ratings:4.5 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!


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