Frankin' Friday

I have 5 treats on my doorstep in the form of #HalloweenFlashGames! #Halloween
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 My apologies about yesterday. Time just slipped through my fingers. But to make it up to you, here's this weeks helping of "Frankin' Friday!

 Let's see what I can dig out of the bag this week. Au...I see. Five little trinkets to chew on.

#1 Lilith

See if you can #SpotTheDifference in this #Halloween Picturque #Game #SpookyGame
 Spot the difference from these two subtly different ghoulish pics. Whether a ponytail, or a Jack-O-Lantern, try and figure out what is out of the ordinary.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Lilith Halloween!

#2 Haunted Dungeon

Check out this #3D #HauntedDundeon! #HalloweenGames #GhostGames Step into a 3D animated dungeon infested with mischievous and downright malevolent ghosts. If obsessive spooks don't send you off the end, then perhaps a raging phantom will do the trick.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Haunted Dungeon!

#3 Halloweeen 

 Like other fond Halloween traditions, trick-or-treating is an age-old custom passed down through the years. Your mom always told you "there are no such things as ghosts". However tonight, she will become a believer!

 Grab all the candy you can get your greedy little hands on. But watch out for evil spirits disguised as pumpkins(which you can topple like Mario) and the girl from next door.

[Game might not work on Google Chrome]

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Halloweeen!

#4 Cat Zombie 

You Must ward off these ##Zombie kitties! #HalloweenGames
 Feline zombies have infiltrated the landscape and you have been commissioned by the city council to swipe the fields clean with those missiles they supplied you with.

Ratings: 4 Stars!

Play Cat Zombie

#5 Tomb Chess 

Why don't you play a wround of #Chess with the #Dead for a change! #HalloweenGames #HalloweenChess
 Ever get a craving for a little round of Chess? How bout with a little flair of spooks? Well, I got you covered my friend. Watch your pieces do extraordinary stunts like on Wizards Chess. Don't worry. They can't bite you...Yet.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Tomb Chess

 That is all the goodies I have this time. Join me next week for a double portion!


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