Help this teddy bear save the day in Twee! #OnlineGames #FlashGames #PlatformGames Tweeny-our little cutely Teddy Bear has got some rescuin' to do! Having just lost his pride and joy to some lopsided geek, he must now save her from the clutches of this beast.

 Come journey with the bear through 12 breathtaking platforms and into the evil lair of well a veracious animal! Watch out for crabs and dow-dow heads(among other nemesis) along the way. Press the Arrow Keys to move and jump. Hit the Space Bar to launch your weapon. It's a good idea to collect all the gizmos scattered among the platforms(that way, you can boast your high score and annoy your friends).

Review of Twee

 Codensoft has done a brilliant job on the graphics of this 2D Adventure! Everything from the smooth animation to it's retro sound-effects brings out the little kid in me.

 The difficulty is extremely simple at first. As with most games, the challenge increases slowly but surely. I've got nothing but flying colors to offer this game! So what are you waiting for? Hop along and Do The Twee!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Twee!


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