Another Spinoff To Mario!

Check out this cool remix of #SuperMarioBrothers with a little DJ mix! #Mario #SuperNintendo #SNES
 Mario, our beloved Plumber must once again lay down his neck(and career) for the woman of his dreams(Princess Peach). Bowser your nemesis hails high from the dark underworld. No-one takes him seriously nowadays. So to prove a point, King Koopa will often snatch the Toadstoolian Princess in the night watches-pigeonholing her to a dungeon cell within his molten-laden layer.

 Again Mario must play the hero and protagonist-fighting his way through the marauds of Goomba's and Koopa Troopa's allied to the dark side. Without fail, The Demon King(hey that's what they call him in Japan) will be waiting for you to step foot within his igneous palace.

 The controls are a bit tricky and take getting used to. Press Z to jump, X to shoot(those signature red fireballs), while steering overall boy with the Arrow Keys. Have a little itch on your nose? no problem. Just hit ESC to pause and resume your gameplay.

 Now did I forget to mention his all-to-famous head-bang brick smasher? No good 2D Mario adventure exists without it. Collect as many coins before time runs dry. When time runs out, you die(and I always wondered why).

 You are introduced with the original theme song spiced-up on a Hip-Hop DJ platform-a well-crafted remix(but with a few minor glitches).

 The controls are(how can I put it) a constant thorn on your side. I would encourage the use of more user-friendly buttons like the Spacebar and Arrow Keys or simply WASD for all things jumping, crouching, walking, and shooting. Better yet, allowing players the freedom of customizing the controls would be even better.;)

 The levels are very challenging yet not to the brink of frustration. A few extra baddies(other then Goombas and Koopas) could've infused a little more variety into the mix. But regardless, I'm happy to report another well-architected rendition to Super Mario Brothers-one you can only find on a Super Nintendo Entertainment System!

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Ratings: 3.98 Stars!

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