Hey, It's Super Mario Flash Everybody!

Check out the flash edition to everyone's favorite game Super Mario Brothers! #MarioGames #Nintendo #OnlineGames
 "I'm sorry. But our Princess is in another castle." If that doesn't bring back memories of a bygone era then either you were living under a rock or never bothered to play a video game in the 80's or 90's.

 As usual, Mario's arch nemesis has stolen the maid during the night watches(either she was teasing "come and get me" or the guards on duty slumbered around the courtyard as usual). And you, a knight in shining armour. You Mario, must save this damsel from the clutches of King Koopa. His domain is straddled upon an island full of magma and tar pits(where else does he dwell).

 But before you attempt to barge into his fiery lair, there is more then meets the eye. The malevolent turtle has once again unleashed his minions who've since invaded the outskirts of the Toadstoolian Kingdom.

 You must journey through nine levels before even thinking about setting foot in Bowser's palace-the final showdown! Press the Arrow Keys to walk, duck, and jump. Use the Space Bar to shoot those signature fireballs(when applicable). As with any well-done Mario game, the classic mushroom and tulip can always be found hidden within those golden question boxes. And did I mention collecting coins and jumping on a high-striker? Now there's no teddybears involves, but you will always score more points.

 Overall, the graphics and animation are exactly what you'd expect from a standard Mario game. Even the music will chariot you through memory lane. Nothing but crisp soundtracks of renown Mario themes from the golden days of Super Nintendo! Other then the near-impossibility of turtle-squashing over steep cliffs, the developer has molded together a marvelous artifact I am not ashamed to call "Super Mario Flash"!

Play Super Mario Flash!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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