Easter Golf

This is an #Easter #PuttPutt #MinitureGolf game where the #EasterBunny makes his rounds! It's been said the Easter Bunny visits your garden to insert a basketful of goodies. Even deviled-eggs, clusters of jelly beans, and some chocolate souvenirs(of himself). Faithfully each Spring The Bunny makes his rounds across the frontiers of the world. Delivering eggs full of delicate candy and sugary sweets.

But not this year!

 The Rabbit is calling it quits! The Hare has opted instead to go on a nice long vacation to recuperate. An exotic locale to get away from it all. But don't be so quick to pass judgment upon this furry Lapin.

 You see, The Easter Bilby was supposed to take over as the benevolent "Rabbit-Eared-Bandicoot". But for one reason or another, he never showed up(no wonder why he can only handle The Australian Outback).-leaving children far and near with empty nests and broken hearts. O well...There's always next year(as dad would reassure you).

 Meanwhile, The Spring Bunny is blissfully ignorant on the whole ordeal(entrusting his crystal ball to Billy The Kangaroo). After all, The Easter Hare needs to take it easy now and then. And what better way is there to spend a holiday then go miniture golfing in a tropical paradise.

 May I introduce you to "Easter Golf"-a Putt-Putt sport golfing game by Armegalo. All in the spirit and holiday of Eastertide.

 As with all things golf, strive to aim for the hole with the fewest strokes possible. Use the cursor to position your ball on The Tee Box, measure the distance and strength of your stroke, and steer the ball in it's desired direction.

 Be mindful of wooden barriers, tree obstacles, sand or rough Bunkers and watery ponds along The Fairway(not too sure if they call it that in Miniature Golf). But unlike real golf, there are some friendly trinkets along the way. Like Easter Eggs(for extra points), arrow boosters, and insane super bouncies(even a few "insane-go-faster" stripes are thrown in there for good measure).

 There are 18 holes in all. Try and score as much points as possible by collecting eggs and striking bounces. If you get stuck, pressing M will reset the course for you. But use only when needed as five times is the proverbial limit.

 As for the game itself, Armagalo has brought us a peculiar Easter treat. As if the tropical soundtrack wasn't enough, the Springtime fertile scenery and kooky atmosphere give Easter Golf a unique spin on the all too familiar game of Miniature golfing.

 Although Jake The Easter Bunny is rested and at ease now. Just wait till he finds out how Billy has let him down. I'm guessing he'll need another vacation on top of this one!

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Now go play Easter Golf!


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