Romance Maker

Help these two love birds fall in love this #ValentinesDay in Romance Maker! #Valentine It's that time of year again! When cupids and hearts collide. Love and infatuation go hand in hand. Why it's Valentines Day!

 Tonight, you are omnipresent-in the third-person. Another words, a cupid with wings. Try to find the right combo of actions and make these two folks fall in love. Basically, your slowly wooing them until their hearts are primed for a good archive.

 Use the items in your inventory in the correct sequence to watch the drama unfold!

Romance Maker Review

 I greatly enjoyed dictating each scene and find out what happens next. Unlike some(if not most) role-playing-games, "Romance Maker" has structure and root. Plus it ain't all about the battalion.

 The old-fashioned movie projection coupled with the gourmet animation gives "Romance Maker" a certain luster you can't help but appreciate.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Romance Maker Walkthrough

1. An onion seed

2. A incantation book

3. An Easter Egg

4. A tree stalk

5. Some tools

6. A radio

7. A hammer

8. A bow and arrow

Play Romance Maker!

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