Come check out this #PhysicsPuzzler by the name of #Blosics! #PhysicsGames #FlashGames
 Ever watched Spider Man 2 and saw would-be Dr. Octopus harness the power of the Sun? Well on this game, you will be doing something similar-In the arena of physics!

 In the realm of Blosics there are blocks and platforms. Your object is to knock down as many green blocks while avoiding the red ones. Left-click on your mousy to charge up and release a fusion of inertia(the longer you wait the longer the punch).

 But don't get too carried away. For each second you lag onto that energy ball, the more points you've wasted. So plan your shots prudently.

 There are 10 levels in all. Try to get as many points as you can. Besides, this'll make physics a blast!

Stay tuned for Blosics 2!

Blosics Walkthrough

Now go play Blosics!


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