Where Is 2010?

Check out Mateusz Skutnik's New Years game Where Is 2010? #NewYearsGames #FlashGames #PointAndClick
 Last night I'm sure you've all witnessed the big decade ball drop(either on television or luckily in person)! Usurping in 2010 with a bang(but technically, New Decades Eve is not till Dec. 31st, 2011)!

However, for one fella, it seems 2009 is not over yet. And so our adventures take place in a sketched-up wilderness-Filled with crags and Medieval castles in the middle of nowhere.

 Mat(the creator of The Great Escape Series and The Submachine Series) started doodling on a New Year's Eve card but soon wound up back in his studio developing another flash game for the masses.

 Very reminiscent of The Daymare Town Series, "Where Is 2010?" is a three-dimensional sketched drawing based around this inky fella. All you have to do is use the Arrow Keys to move about and interact(specifically, the bottom Arrow Key). Find all 27 coins and search everywhere for this elusive 2010(my guess would be he's a personification of his other self).

Good Luck and Happy New Year to you all!!!

Here is a Walkthrough in case you get stuck!

Play "Where Is 2010"?

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Note: "Where Is 2011"? is now up!

This is all part of Where Is The New Year?


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