Ice Breaker Series

Check out Nitrome's threesome viking hit Ice Breaker the Series! #StrategyGames #Nitrome #AdventureGames
 Out of the abundance stored in their creative minds, Nitrome has assembled a trademark strategy based on that Nordic seafaring tribe we've all come to love-the beloved Vikings as they founded Greenland during the lush temperate Medieval Warm Period(or so the story goes).

 But as they say.."All good things must end someday". Indeed, the Little Ice Age nearly drove them to starvation and froze their little morsels stiff. Not for another five centuries would the glaciers(at least) partially recede.

 By 1850, one pirate was completely thawed. He is now tasked with the burden of anti-freezing his remaining little buddies. The task may seem easy but as soon as you add in a few Yeti's, boulders, and wood(from past infrastructure), things aren't so simple.

 Currently, there are three installments to the series...

1. Ice Breaker

2. Ice Breaker-The Red Clan

3. Ice Breaker-The Gathering

Ice Breaker Review

 I love the musical sound tracking and effects. Great attention to detail often yields perfection. As with all Nitrome blockbusters, the artery and design is better then your average strategy flick(with an added nostalgic kick). 

 I couldn't really find anything to gripe about(other then looping the same music on all three episodes). Lee Stobel ranks way up there with the few giants in the online gaming arena. Clearly he get's 5 stars from me!

Ratings: 5 Stars!


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