Hidden Alphabet 2

Help save this guy's home from caving-in with Hidden Alphabet 2! #HiddenObjectGames #PointAndClick #FlashGames
 Congratulations! Hopefully, you've managed to keep an indoor water park from closing in on itself at Las Vegas.

 How you ask??? Well don't look at me like that. We did it thanks to the power of the English alphabet(If you haven't, I'd strongly urge you to go play the first installment to The Hidden Alphabet)! But don't rest now. It appears a guy has lost his loins while purchasing a #300K home.

 You must help him find the alphabet so his home doesn't cave in (and trust me...Home Owners Insurance does not cover ABC dilemma's). Use the cursor as a magnifying glass to facilitate your search. Left-clicking on the mouse will enlarge your viewing(within the hand glass). When a letter is found, simply click to confirm.

 As with part one, there are only two screens(his back and front lawn). Once all letters have been found, give yourself another round of applause. But just remember, something else is bound to go wrong.

To Be Continued...

For more episodes, check out my other post on "The Hidden Alphabet Series"!

Hidden Alphabet 2 Walkthrough

Play Hidden Alphabet!


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