Turkey Liberation Front Escape

Help this #Turkey #Escape becomming the main course on #ThanksgivingDay! ThanksgivingDayGames #TurkeyGames
 Ever wonder what Thanksgiving would be like without a tender hot roasted turkey? No left-overs to gorge on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Well, this family is sure gonna find out sooner or later. So if you could put that pumpkin pie down for just one sec, I have a mission outlined for you. One that involves emancipation.

 A turkey has been recently caught and held captive(against it's will) within a family dwelling. The old man has deceived the little fella into their own little trap. Unless someone interferes, this little gobble is ripe for the slaughter!

 You must free this poultry and replace him with a vegetarian decoy(tofu anyone). The family is tucked into bed upstairs. As long as your quiet, they won't notice a thing.

 Just one problem, where is the key. Apparantly, papa has stored it away within a bundle of puzzles. So solving a few riddles here and there should do the trick. Your mouse is the only thing that'll do all the work. In no time, that key will unleash the chains and set free a coveted Thanksgiving staple. But will he seize the opportunity? That's another story.

Turkey Liberation Front Escape Review

 I found it quite interesting and savoring despite the lack of sound-tracking. The only thing to gripe about are a few glitches on the side. But that shouldn't take the fun out of this holiday trinket. Unlike some other Thanksgiving-scapes, T.L.F.G is rated G and is sure to a least give you a hint that it's Turkey Day. I give this 5 out of 5 stars! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here's a walkthrough!

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