Mr. Snoozleberg-The Under-Sea Adventure

Guide mr. Sleepyhead through the waters of the submarine! #PointAndClick #AdventureGames #MrSnoozleberg
Mr. Snoozleburg 7!
 Well let's see. Snoozy received his first diplomatic assignment opening up The Transcontinental Inauguration,That even alone triggered a flurry of invitations! The first being a Hollywood Award Ceremony, Expectantly, our neighbors thought they'd drop by for a visit. And so the U.N. dubbed him Earth's Ambassador on A Close Encounter, On hearing of the diplomat's personal remorse and new way of life, the king of Bahrain only asks that he take his son to The Amusement Park to recuperate. The Winter Olympics were held at Siberia and the president begged for him to consider opening The Winter Face-Off. Finally, Mr. Snoozleberg got entangled within a web which defies space and Time. Now, the guy has been asked to host the grand-opening of the Luxury Express-A new commercial submarine.

 The president of Italy has persuaded Snoozy to commemorate the big day-when the very first commercial submarine would be open for business! A day for the Guinness World Records! An event likely to spin-up a whole new profiting industry with certain potential.

 The Diplomat swiftly purchased a one-way ticket to Venice and seized the opportunity to make history once more. But as we all know by now, only one thing stepped in his way-a chronic sleeping disorder!

...And tonight, Mr. Snoozy is sleep-walking in a subterranean bay-Under the sea. As usual, you must guide him(in third-person mode). Find any and all gadgets use them to keep this fella on a leval-field. With more lives to spare then a cat, you have all the time to experiment. But the more lives you got, the better your score.

 Of course, the question remains. Will he survive for his next assignment? Or mysteriously vanish within the abyss of the sea?

To Be Continued...

In case you get stuck, here are a few walkthroughs...

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four

Level 5 hints!

Play Mr. Snoozleburg 7!

This is part 7 of Goodnight Mr. Snoozleburg!


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