Splitter 2

Here is the second installment to #Splitter by #Eugene. #PhysicsGames #StrategyGames
 After going though hoops with Splitter, it's about time for him to go through some more. Splitter 2 is all part of a game physic series created by Eugene Karataev.

 This time there ain't no knife to be toying around with. Just you and your cursor. Try to get Mr. Splitter through 30 courses in one piece. Think you can handle that.

 While he does nothing but hangs there, use your big noodle to manipulate chunks of matter to charge you towards the bash exit. Cut through string or wood(or whatever) to give Splitter a nudge. Do it craftily as you only got a limited number of cuts. If you must reset, then so be it.

 In addition, if you ever so get the urge, why not check out the courses others have make(or better yet, make one yourself)! More is planned to come out real soon. So stay tuned!

To Be Continued!

In the meantime, go ahead and Play Splitter 2!


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