The Fun Fair

Check out #Anode and #Cathode's suspensful #PointAndClick adventure the Fun Fair!
 Anode and Cathode have just launched the beginning of another suspenseful point-and-click series-Called "The Fun Fair".


 Step right up! Step right up! You have been commissioned to investigate a sleepy fair, way out along the freeway in no-mans land. Your objective: To find the key to Sofia's mystery.

 But first, let's have a little fun with the games. In order to advance through different parts of the County Fair, you must solve some antique puzzles and win some prizes. Of course to do just that, you need some coins and counter tokens.

 Luckily for you, there are plenty of them scattered about throughout the carnival. Since the investigation led you here, why not have a little fun on the side. Besides, it's essential to get to the bottom of this dilemma.

 Use the mouse to point-and-click and steer yourself in any direction. The map on the top-right will show where your at. You must sell yourself as an employer and use those funds to play various vanity games. Thereby giving the impression that your just another worker/customer.

 The Fun Fair is a quaint 90s-esque PC gamer with stout graphics and fairly decent animation. The Classical soundtracking is stellar and charming. If your looking for a old-fashioned laid-back mystery-solver, look no further!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play The Fun Fair!

[Unfortunately, the game is now defunct.]


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