An Incredibly Shy Dwarf

Here is a very well done scenic #PlatformGame by #JaromirPlachy! #AdventureGames
 Shy Dwarf-An amazing platforming adventure created by Jaromir Plachy of Amanita Designs from the country of Czech.


 Our little friend here(who so happens to be a 3" bashful dwarf) will face his little furry fears today. Embarking on an adventure unlike any he has ever experienced.

 Weather it be through big black squares, tall mushroom pods, or even down a giants ear-lobe, this little guy will surely tell the kids all about the far reaches of his own Universe.

Shy Dwarf Critique

 I was very intrigued by the simple artwork and how even a rough sketch can be transformed into whatever your imagination wants it to be. Add to that a giggling soundtrack and your looking at an outstanding concept!

 However, I thought the graphics and screen resolution was a little off and confusing. One of my pet peeves when trying out any flash game is to find I have to scroll up or down to reach a platform.

 I can't really find anything else to whimper about. Yet the confusion I think was the whole point of this game. Whole platforms of inertia in very simple-minded fashion.

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Play Shy Dwarf!


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