Phantom Mansion The Orange Library

Guide Hector through the corridors of this haunted library to salvage the spectrum of souls trapped in this infernal! #PhantomMansion #HalloweenGames #HalloweenFlashGames
 Congratulations! You've just acquired the red soul etched within the mask you've just found. But the journey's not over yet(and if you haven't undertaken the red death, I'd encourage you to go back to Phantom Mansion Chapter 1 if you want). We've still got 7 more souls to awaken. And our next soul of the spectrum wheel leads us to...

The Orange Library

 There are 24 more doors filled with puzzles, crates, and pieces of the Orange Spirit encased within the skulls of those who've perished. You must pry their spirits away from the cold dead fingers of the grave to finally awaken and set free the phantom of The Orange Library.

The Orange Library Review

 I wanted more creature features. But unfortunately was stuck with the same zombies and skeletons again. I will admit they are faster though. Plus as an added bonus, you can warp from one spot to another(how sweet is that?). Stay tuned for chapter three: the Code Yellow.

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Phantom Mansion: Orange Library!

Enjoy your stay at The Phantom Mansion!


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