Phantom Mansion Code Yellow

Guide Hector on on a terrorfying journy through the yellow tower of the #PhantomMansion! #HalloweenGames
 Let's now look into chapter 3: "The Yellow Tower" of "The Phantom Mansion Spectrum of Souls Series". If you haven't already, go ahead and explore "The Red Chamber" and The Orange Library. There are phantoms that need rescuing from the jaws of the red(and orange) death.

 Beware of the cursed demons in red. Touch them and you'll get spell-bound. Obtain the cross and lovely angels they will be.

 As you can tell, the levels are getting a bit tougher. But press on. Before you know it, The Phantom of The Yellow Tower will be just one more soul in your spectrum repository.

Phantom Mansion: The Yellow Tower Review

 As with part one and part two, revealing the exit via crystal-ball is more of a nuance than an aid. So be prepared for that. Obtaining the last skull near the exit will solve the issue.

 The soundtrack is accompanied by random heart beats. Meant to send shivers down little Hector's spine. This gives the impression of a classic haunted loft well beyond it's creaking years.

 Despite that small clique(crystal ball), prepare to be entranced within another spooky puzzle-solver via High5!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Phantom Mansion: Code Yellow!

Enjoy your stay at The Phantom Mansion!


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