Pacs Jungle Trip

Join #PacMan as he takes a trip to the jungle! #SumerGames #OnlineGames #ArcadeGames
 Driving down Ivory Lane. Pac-Man is on his way to a much deserved vacation. No ghosts to contend with. Nor sewers to worry about. Just good old quality time to spend with your girlfriend.
Or so he thought...

 Without warning, a tire blows out on the left side. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Pac-Man reassures his sweetheart. Then he puffs-out his chest and takes a hike in the woods. In search for a telephone booth.
"What on Earth is he doing!"
She mused.
"What a nimrod!"
"Guess we'll have to wait a dogs age before getting on the road again."
 Meanwhile, back in the Forrest. Pac-Man could not believe his eyes. The jungle was lounging with spooks galore! The same ones he'd left behind at the video arcade! Could anything get much worse?

 Indeed! There are a bunch of celebrity decoys joining in the hoop-la. To make matters even worse, these phantoms have set barricades with no way to escape! Unless all herbs are swallowed in pill form. You will not see another day(but look at the bright side. at least there not forcing pharmaceuticals down your throat)!

 These spooks love to taunt on how bad the after taste is. But little do they know ancients have been taking these herbs for thousands of years without complications. What's more, the forest is filled to the brim of maple trees. All Pac-Man has to do is add a little syrup and he has a delicacy.

 Use your Arrow Keys to steer Pac-Man where you want him to go. Collect weapons and use them with the power of your mouse.

Pacs Jungle Trip Review

 I find this adventure to be quite amusing and a great political satire on current affairs plaguing the newsvines. Which may induce a chuckle or two.:) I was thoroughly impressed by the humor interwoven throughout. I even bumped into Michael Jackson(though the image they used was poor)!

Way to go WEISI!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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