Tom & Jerry Refrigerator Raiders

Check out this #CartoonNetwork #TomAndJerry game! #ClassicCartoons Nowadays, cartoons just don't have that magic that even makes adults like me sit down and get a kick out of them. Maybe it's the computer graphics, or the ease of today's technology(back in the day each clip was drawn by hand). But the lack of creativity is how I see it(there are a few exceptions though).

 Well, today's game review is based upon Chuck Jones" Tom and Jerry cartoon from the 1940's. Actually they are two-in-one neatly packed together under one heading-Tom and Jerry Refrigerator Raiders. If you pick Jerry as your hero, feed Nibbles with as much cheese as you possibly can! Once in a blue moon a cherry will pop up, giving you double the score. Just watch out for those 8 balls Tom might throw at you.

 However, pick Tom as your antagonist then you'll have to chuck water balloons at Jerry and Nibbles or they'll get away with stealing more food(something you know your master would never forgive you for). It would be nice to see Jerry retreat in defeat for a change.

Tom and Jerry Refrigerator Raiders Review

 After awhile the tune might get on your case. Yet the thrill of smacking Jerry with a water balloon or stuffing Nibbles with too much cheese more then makes up for the mundanity(at least for 30 minutes). With good animation and picture quality, I give it a 4.5.

Ratings: 4.5!

Play Tom and Jerry in Refriger-Raiders!


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