Mario's Conception

#Mario's debut as #Jumpman! #DonkeyKong
 When Nintendo launched Donkey Kong for Atari, a little plumber was born. Only then, he was simply referred to as "Jumpman".

 Peach hadn't entered his life. At this stage, over-all boy was merely a one-night stands. Unfortunately, his brother did not far well with women(which is why he wears green to this day).

 As the years passed these two started a Plumbing business. Purging the cities sewage system of all unspeakable creatures. Jumpman changed his name to Mario while christening his twin brother as Luigi. Together, these two became known as the Mario Brothers.

 At this time, the queen was having her own problems of infestation in the Mushroom Kingdom. Many koopas have seamlessly taken over the land under the direction of Bowser-King of the koopas. She heard the many rumors on how peaceful the sewers were across the real world.  So she urgently summoned them at once!

"Please oh please!
A vicious turtle has kidnapped my poor dear princess!
Whoever proves himself worthy shall marry her and be prince."

 Now as soon as Mario laid his eyes on Princess Peach, he was literally sold! And sure enough with Bowser defeated. He became prince and future aire to the throne. Becoming known as The Capped One.

Let's see what you've got.;)

Mario Brothers!

Super Mario Brothers!

Super Mario Brothers 2!

Super Mario Brothers 3!


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